Top 5 All-Inclusive Cruises


Today, touring and traveling are found to be the most commonly enjoyed hobbies across all income groups. Due to such an extensive rise of interest and increasing popularity among people, today’s tours are not just limited to museums. Instead, it has been crossing all boundaries to deliver a unique experience to travel enthusiasts. When we say “crossing boundaries and restrictions,” we mean literally crossing the water boundaries and making every basic premium available, even in the middle of the sea. If you are wondering about how it is that even possible, an all-inclusive vacation cruise is an answer! 

Cruise ships have been at the top of their game than ever before. This article will explain the numerous facilities they come with and the names and specialties of the top five all-inclusive cruises in the world.

As the name suggests, an all-inclusive cruise is nothing but a cruise tour, which involves all the payments under one package. This means the cruise offers a package with a fixed cruise fair, which covers everything- from food, drinks, and stays to taxes, airfare, and port fees as well. Once you pay the cruise fare, you don’t need to touch your wallet at any point throughout your vacation. These cruises have specialty restaurants paired with an open bar, fitness classes, and a butler service. They also have included shore excursions, making up for the ultimate, inclusive vacation experience for you and your family. 

Here are the top five all-inclusive cruise ships in the world

Crystal Cruises

This cruise service has two luxury cruises sailing across the international waters: Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony. Both the cruise ships offer similar facilities, and the cruise fare is also along the same lines. Talking about its amenities, Crystal Cruises offers a two-way air trip, specialty dining, complimentary wines from premium brands, and world-class entertainment performances. 

Their premium packages include additional features such as golf and fitness classes, art classes like understanding cinema, painting, and lecture series on various topics from high-class professionals, lecturers, and even celebrities. The cruises also have ultra-luxe penthouses, and the residents in those get supreme facilities like an all-time butler service, packing and unpacking service, etc. All in all, Crystal Cruises stands as the epitome of luxury touring. 

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Indeed, there are many all-inclusive cruises today, but none of them match the vast array of inclusivity Regent Seven Seas Cruises offers its customers. Regent offers complete hospitality at the cruise and includes full-round air trips and even upgrades your tickets to business class if the odds are in your favor. Sometimes, they even add an extra night or day stay to your package without charging a penny. Even the basic packages come with local and international specialty restaurants for the most impressive lunch and dinner. 

Other than that, Regent takes its cruise tours to the next level by involving offshore visits and activities too! Their all-inclusive cruise includes a night’s halt offshore, too, so that interested visitors can enjoy activities like trekking, visits to Egyptian temples, and even animal safari at Thai jungles. The premium packages ensure high-end facilities like 24/7 room service, private butler service, kids club, and unlimited cruise excursions. These are available only for those staying at the penthouses on the cruise. 

Silversea Cruises

Exotic food and drinks, lavish entertainment services, and impressive gratuities, everything is included in the Silversea all-inclusive cruises. There are also some personalized cruise options, where you can customize several aspects of the cruise, such as air travel, transfer, and accommodation. You can personally customize your package as per your requirements, preferences, and budget. Such liberty of personalization is one of the biggest reasons behind Silversea Cruises being the top choice among many cruise enthusiasts. 

Their sophisticated cruises offer facilities such as a personal butler, extensive dining choices, concierge services, and even a wide variety of classes. From art and culture to fitness and science, there is something for everyone! The Silversea Expedition ships also take you to unique excursions ashore with the help of kayaks, and the destinations are truly mindblowing. The cruise takes its visitors to Sydney’s world-famous opera house and Borneo sanctuary, to name a few.

Seabourn Cruise Line 

Seabourn may not necessarily be counted among the high-end, fine cruises, majorly because they have small ships and cultured/avid travelers prefer them. But don’t let its size become a point of reconsideration because Seabourn offers highly impressive, all-inclusive packages while ensuring that you get to see exotic locales, giving you an experience of a lifetime. Some of the places that their small-sized ships can easily reach are Thailand, Mumbai, and even Argentina and Chile.  

All these places have a rich culture with many beautiful sightseeing spots. This is why most cultured travel enthusiasts prefer Seabourn over all the other cruises. The package includes airfare, entertainment facilities, gourmet food and beverages, lavish accommodation, and offshore traveling. Seabourn also has a partnership with UNESCO, which gives them an upper edge in terms of hosting lecture series and seminars on a variety of topics, featuring professional speakers from all over the world.  

SeaDream Yacht Club

The SeaDream Yacht Club houses two mega-yachts, and both of them have a capacity of 112 members, excluding the onboard cruise staff of 95 individuals. The yachts offer amazing facilities like an open bar, wholesome gourmet meals, staterooms with a beautiful ocean view, fully loaded gymnasiums, and even classes for yoga, tai chi, etc. They also have a “movies under the stars” facility where interested members can relax outdoors and watch movies at night, under the open sky, feeling the breeze and listening to the waves crashing. 

On the SeaDream Yacht, you can enjoy watersports at the back of the cruise without having to pay any additional charges. To add to the experience, they also have something called “Champagne and Caviar Splash,” which offers a 5-star beach-side barbeque. The port may change each time, but this activity gives SeaDream an upper edge, as no other cruise service treats its visitors with something like this. With all these exciting features, it is fair to say that the SeaDream truly lives up to its name. 


In a nutshell, the world of cruises is expanding, and the cruises mentioned above have some unique facilities in store for you. All of them are accessible in a single price tag, which is the cruise fare, ensuring a stress-free, magical cruise experience, and so much more!