Natural Ways To Keep Nausea Away At Sea


Motion sickness induces a nauseous feeling and gives the tendency of vomiting. It occurs when one travels and is most common while traveling in a boat or a ship. Ideally, one would take a motion sickness tablet and carry a vomit bag to remedy the problem. But when you forget to pack these, there are natural ways to overcome motion sickness. Scientists say that motion sickness occurs due to differences in perception from your eyes and ears. Thus, opposing signals in the inner ear, your eyes, and sensory receptors in your body cause them to happen. Here is a list of natural remedies to overcome motion sickness while traveling. 

The Acupressure Method

Acupressure points give relief and are a practice used since the dawn of civilization. There exists an acupressure point just below your wrist called a nei-Kuan that relieves motion sickness. Applying pressure to it when you feel dizzy or when motion sickness kicks in can offer some relief. Many sea travelers have suggested it, and it indeed does the trick. Applying pressure with your fingers is a tiring job destroying the travel vibe. There are tight bands available in the market that can do the same trick. Thus, you don’t have to worry about holding your wrist tight. 

Beverages To Avoid

Doctors have suggested that dehydration induces nausea. Therefore, while traveling, one should avoid caffeine at all costs. Highly caffeinated beverages include Coke and coffee. An alternative is consuming ginger ale or apple juice. It is a good alternative because ginger has gastric remedial properties. Therefore, eating ginger or having a ginger beverage will soothe you quickly. Furthermore, sipping cold water will keep you hydrated.

Eat Light Before Traveling

If you want to feel fresh and avoid nausea while traveling, eating light is the way to go. Eating light will prevent indigestion and gastric problems. Thus, a remedial measure for motion sickness. Furthermore, fruits are good before traveling. Fruits like tangerine, oranges, apples, and bananas are something that you should consider eating pre-departure. Also, make sure to eat a lot of snacks now and then to avoid upsetting your tummy. 

Make Sure There Is Ventilation

You can try this simple experiment. If you travel in a packed vehicle, it will induce motion sickness. Whereas traveling with open windows reduces motion sickness. Therefore, many consider window seats while traveling, provided the vehicle is not air-conditioned. Also, avoid smoking altogether while traveling. 

Take A Nap

The easiest way to not feel nauseous at all is by sleeping. When you sleep while traveling, all your sensory receptors are down. Your eyes are closed. Even better if you wear your earphones and listen to your playlist. Thus, it can mitigate the relative motion. It might not be easier to take a nap while sitting. Therefore, travel pillows are a great option aiding you to sleep and keeping you healthy. Furthermore, if you do not feel like sleeping, carry a thermos with chamomile tea to take a nap. This is because chamomile tea is a natural substitute for sleeping pills. 

Find Stable Areas

 Analyze the vehicle you are traveling in, be it a ship, car, or bus. The design of vehicles always has stable areas that are least affected by bumps or relative motion. For instance, in ships, it is the middle part. 

Sour Smell And Taste

The sour taste of lemons relieves nausea and dizziness. Even the aroma or the smell of sour lemons eases your sensory receptors. Aromatherapy is another natural remedy for reducing dizziness and nauseous feeling. Concentrating on scent and music can put you at ease. 


Consuming pills to avoid motion sickness is a good alternative, but it might not help you gain control in future travels. Natural remedies are much more effective and give you control. Follow the tips above to keep nausea at bay on your next cruise.