Tips On Taking A Singles Cruise


Traveling in a big ocean all by yourself is an adventure; it has its advantages. While traveling solo, you have the freedom to choose when to be social and when to relish and enjoy your life. Cruises are great options for solo vacations, and you can plan so many things when traveling alone. Moreover, you’ll also know what few things you should know before booking a trip, whether you can meet people or save money on rooms. Here are the following advantages that you should know and they will help you know why you should travel alone on a cruise.

Book Cruise With Single Cabin

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the cost of traveling alone on a cruise. Most of the cruise cabins are under budget and designed for two or more people. So that indicates that the cost would occupy two or more people, and for the solo traveler, you need to pay the same amount as the couple down the hall. However, some solo travelers want to travel alone, and this rate has been rising speedily, so a few have pioneered by providing the desired spaces to the single traveler. There is very little difference in the price, but the single cabins are cheaper than the regular ones. 

Exclusive Perks For Solo Travelers

Single cabins are small, but traveling is equally fun. Solo travelers can access perks and some exclusive features that are not available for couples or travel with family and friends. If you’re traveling solo and you book a cabin in Norwegian’s epic or getaway, you’ll have access to a studio lounge, pre-dinner drinks, coffee, tea, TVs. Some places provide dining in the main room with reservations. Also, you can have date nights with the other singles who are solo travelers. Also, such features will include cocktail hours for singles. 

Set Dining Time

As a solo traveler, you have the freedom to opt for any time you want to have your dinner on, and it is one of the most welcomed changes in traditional cruising. You can select a flexible dining time. It is called by different names of the different famous cruises, like your time dining on carnival, anytime dining on the princess, etc., flexible dining reservations are made based on a first-come and first-serve basis. You can consider it as a perk for flexible dining.

Participate In Competitive Ship Activities

You can meet people who have also come on a solo trip. There are tons of activities and games on the cruise, and even you can win big. From karaoke to diving in the pool, there are so many activities that you can partake in on a cruise. Also, you can either choose to join a cooking class with your fellow cruisers and can still enjoy and make friends without the spotlight being directly on you. 

Be open To Meet Other Single Cruisers

Those wanting to experience the feel of a single cruiser need to look for a theme-based cruise that matches their vibes. There is a specific theme such as music, arts, and dancing, and this is where you will be able to meet others who have similar interests. On such cruises, the parties, dining, and events are more specified towards the theme, and here, you will be able to do more activities with fellow cruisers. This will increase the enjoyment of the cruise experience.

Plan Everything Before Boarding The Cruise

If you are going for the first time as a cruiser, you’ll experience wonderful things, and you’ll feel like you are in a city in the middle of the ocean. It does give a good feeling, and there are times where you might forget that you are on a ship. There are chances that you might end up missing some things as there are many things to look into.  Plan everything and don’t keep anything for the last minute because you don’t want to spoil the fun and cruise feel. You can seek help from the cruiser director that will help you plan everything in the right way.

Make The Most Of Your Time On Cruise Trip

While traveling as a single cruiser, the first thing is to look at what type of ship you want. When you think of meeting other singles, then it is a good idea that you get on a ship with many people. However, being on a small cruise is also a great idea, and you might find it a bit easier to get around with people. 

Single Cruisers

The Norwegian cruise line was the first-ever cruise line to build staterooms specifically for single cruisers. They are perfect for solo cruisers, and the studio lounge is a great way to meet another single cruiser. There are also plenty of opportunities to build up relationships while traveling alone. There are at present many of the other cruiser lines which offer a single stay in the cruise. So plan your single cruise holiday and have fun.


If you choose to cruise solo, then you’ll have quality time with yourself, and you’ll also not mind hanging out alone. A solo vacay is a great way to unwind and get lost in your thoughts and give time to yourself. Cruises have plenty of options you can choose from, but it’s a great way to pass the time.