8 Travel Myths About Cruises


The world of cruises is fascinating. From fancy-style restaurants to trips to one of the best places in the world, cruises have a fantastic outlook to give you on life. Yet, there are misconceptions about cruises that one needs to stop believing.

Here are ten myths you need to check instantly. 

Myth 1: All cruises are similar!

Fact: Just by one look, you may assume all the cruises to be similar on the inside. But do you know there is a varied range of differences between various cruises and experiences on every trip? From the ports you sail from to the destination ports, there are numerous differences one can experience. For instance, Carnival cruises are massive and offer a wide range of facilities. Vessels such as Britannia are for ‘family trips’ instead of ships like Arcadia, which are exclusively for adults.

Myth 2: every cruise meets an iceberg!

Fact: You may be excited to see an iceberg and remember the titanic scene; well, it’s not always the case. Keeping the lighter note aside, even if your cruise faces such a situation, they are better prepared to deal with it. Improvised radar technologies and challenging and competent marine education and training make iceberg monitoring feasible and hit easily avoidable. So next time you are on a cruise and come across one, remove your camera and take a picture of this magical beauty.

Myth 3: infectious diseases can quickly spread via a cruise trip!

Fact: Firstly, people generally may feel sick due to the wavy motion of the ship. You might feel dizzy initially, but eventually, your body will acclimate to it. However, recent technologies have designed streamlined vessels known for their stability, and motion sickness is a rare case here.

Secondly, infectious diseases are all over the globe. They may be present right in your vicinity, and you may not be aware of it. Due to diversified passengers, the crew members must adhere to strict rules regarding hygiene and sanitization. So, one of the best ways to minimize your contact with any virus or bacteria is washing your hands thoroughly and avoiding unhygienic practices.

Myth 4: cruises are only for the rich and noble!

Fact: Movies give us an impression that filthy rich people who own thousands of dollars and are multi-millionaires take these voyages. However, ships like Norwegian Cruise lines offer around $57 per night deals with luxurious accommodation, food, dance, and entertainment. There are ships out there that are wary about your money and are affordable to the public in general.

Myth 5: ships are claustrophobic!

Fact: A person feels claustrophobic when situated in a smaller setting. But imagine living in a ship that is as big as one thousand apartments held together! Space can be just more than what we assume it to be. However, cabin fever can be a thing, but that shouldn’t stop you from sailing! So what are the options available? If you have cabin fever, opt for a balcony space attached to your cabin so that you can calm your anxiety by glancing at the waves, or even select a suite that will give an area as big as your apartment.

Myth 6: I’ll be bored!

Fact: One common misconception is that you will get bored pretty quickly. But imagine having activities such as dance, food, music, cooking, cinemas and so much more fun. So if you have second thoughts over some good time and joy, think about it again.

Myth 7: I have to leave my pet behind!

Fact: Most ships don’t let your pet accompany you, but cruises like Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 do give you all the freedom. You will even have crew members taking care of your pawed family members.

Myth 8: what if I slide down into the water?

Fact: There are rare chances of you falling into the water but even if you do, relax and shout for help. This may sound stressful and overwhelming. However, make sure you do not try any experiments that will get you into the water.

The bottom line!

The ship is a magnificent beauty that lets you explore the world of the sea. Something that we can’t see daily. So if you too want a dose of the sun, sand, and sea, book a cruise right away and fear not of all the myths.