Remote Cruise Destinations You Can Go


Beautiful serene islands, transparent blue waters take you on an altogether different trip to experience nature’s beauty. It’s thrilling to go on a trip to majestic islands, evoking the myths and legends of old, with the adventurous stories of travelers who explored the first isolated regions.

This beautiful planet is full of regions we know very little about, and one of the main reasons for being an unknown territory is that it is pretty difficult to reach there. Very few outsiders, explorers will even think to reach such distant places. Several of the world’s most remote islands have a shortage of rudimentary airstrips; hence, a boat is the only way to get there. 

A cruise is the best way to explore these beautiful areas enables you to travel in the luxury of having expert guides. Here are seven remote islands which you can visit on a voyage ship.

Easter Islands 

Easter Island is one of the remotest islands and is quite famous for its mysterious moai statues, created by a Polynesian civilization well-known as the Rapa Nui. Approximately 1000 such statues were in this region. Many stories are around how aliens have transported them. 

More than the process of construction, how it got reached on the island is fascinating. It’s believed that the immigrant’s voyage from the Marquesas islands, 2000 miles away in a wooden trench canoe. Nowadays, traveling to Easter Island is much more comfortable than earlier using cruise lines such as the Silversea expeditions and Ponant.

South Georgia

The South Sandwich Islands and South Georgia have nestled 800 miles away in the east of the Falklands. You can visit these islands on a voyage to the South Atlantic between Cape town and Ushuaia. South Georgia island’s breathtaking views and its spectacular wildlife are a real treat to all the senses. South Georgia is a breeding ground of five million macaroni penguins, more than 100,000 king penguin couples, black-browed albatross, southern right whales, fur seals and elephant seals, etc. other countless magnificent species. 

The island is also known for its thrilling story of Shechkleyon’s Transoceanic expedition that turned out to be a disaster, and a mighty explorer Grytviken is buried here. 

Severnaya Zemlya, Russia

One of the most pristine and off-beat locations is the islands of Severnaya Zemlya. Located off the Northern coast of Siberia, this is the last of archipelagos discovered on earth after many failed attempts to notice a landmass here; perhaps it wasn’t approachable back in the 19th century. It’s an abandoned island; you will only find wildlife like arctic foxes, lemmings, polar bears are a rare sight here. Expedition cruises to the Russian Arctic are seldom; you need to wait for a month to get ported through the Northeast passage to Severnaya Zemlya. 


A revolt spurred up on the 28th April 1789 amidst the Royal Navy vessel HMS Bounty crew on board. After a desperate search on the South Pacific for a new abode, the sailors landed on the hidden Pitcairn, which now has 60 humans that are direct descendants of the mutineers and their Tahitian partners. Very few Pacific expeditions set off for this unexplored island. Four islands constitute an archipelago; Pitcairn is one out of four islands, rest are deserted islands. The islands are a paradise on earth and extraordinarily beautiful with various species of birds and plants. 

Macquarie Island

Nestled 1000 miles to the South East of Tasmania, this Australian sub-antarctic island is a traveled destination with only a few expeditions like Ponant and crystal to this mystical place. Macquarie Island UNESCO World Heritage Site, given its terrain that is one of its kind on earth. It is the only place where you will find rocks from the earth’s mantle standing tall above sea level. Besides its unique geology, the island also has massive penguin colonies, including the Royal King, Gentoo, and southern rockhoppers. Orcas, southern right whales, elephant seals, and fur seals. 

Gough Island

This South Atlantic island lies 250 miles Southeast of Tristan da Cunha and is between the British Overseas Territory of Saint Helena, Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha archipelago. It is a deserted island with only a small weather station. A staff consisting of six members works here in the most secluded, far-flung island. The island is a habitat of brown noddies, spectacled petrels, Atlantic petrels, Antarctic terns, and various other species of the most beautiful bird: albatross. The island is also a home for the rare species of penguins: the northern rockhopper penguin. 

Peter I Island

Peter I Island is an isolated volcanic island nestled in the deep distant sea: Bellingshausen in the Antarctic region. Until 1929 no one had landed on this abandoned island. Small colonies of seabird, Adelie penguins, and chinstrap are worth a sight here. The unfavorable weather conditions and tough icebergs make it hard for the voyage ships to sail in this region. However, the hybrid icebreaker Le Commandant Charcot launched in 2021 opens a whole new world of opportunities to travel to this part of Antarctica. 


If hanging out with the king penguins was on your bucket list, then it is time for you to take it off your list and visit Falkland islands, take a selfie beneath the mystical and gigantic rock figures of Easter Island. Set out on a cruise expedition to these far-flung, isolated getaways and witness a distant world that is much different than yours.