5 Amazing And Romantic Cruises


When you hear of a romantic trip, what comes to your mind? You and your partner on a romantic cruise holding hands and watching the sunset, sounds magical right? 

Romance and cruising go hand in hand. Whether you want to spend some quality time with your partner or it’s your anniversary, valentine’s day, their birthday, or a romantic marriage proposal. Cruising allows you the opportunity to tailor your unique journey to be just how you want it.

If you have come across any cruising line’s advertisements, you must have seen luxury, relaxation, and a beautiful experience altogether. However, choosing a cruising line and, more specifically, the correct ship within the fleet can be pretty daunting. Selecting the right cruising line is vital as the last you would want is that perfect sunset blocked by crowds on the deck or romantic dinner spoiled due to mismanagement. To avoid all of this, check this review to find the five most unique and romantic cruises to go on. 

Crystal Serenity, Crystal Cruises

Crystal cruises aren’t exaggerating when they claim six-star services. You can even have your private butler in specific suites. The two ships from Crystal cruises – Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity leave reviewers and critics in awe for their luxurious design and sparse crowds. Crystal stands out from the public due to its low passenger-to-crew ratio, giving you more personalized service. 

For plenty of travelers, wellness is a top priority, and on Crystal Serenity, you can share daily yoga classes with your loved ones. As for dining, Crystal features specialty restaurants crafted by celebrated chefs. 

During your stay in each port, you can explore on your own or book Crystal line’s specialized Crystal Adventures. While booking a trip on the Crystal cruise, a 20% deposit is required upon booking and the remaining amount 90 days before the departure. If you cancel the booking, cancellation charges may apply depending on when you cancel and the type of cruise you’ve booked. 

Viking Ocean Cruises

Viking Ocean Cruises entered the ocean cruising market in 2015 and has already gained applauds for its engaging and luxury ships and destination-focused itineraries. Viking cruises are appealing to intellectual adults interested in knowing about the history of their destinations. 

The cruise line ships have excellent perks like verandahs for each cabin and complimentary Wi-Fi for guests. Due to the ship’s smaller size, it can get access to more exclusive ports throughout Europe. 

Before you book the ship, you must make a $500 deposit per person to secure a reservation on a Viking Ocean Cruise. If you cancel your trip 120 or more days before the departure, there will be fees. 

Seabourn Cruise Line

Seabourn sails worldwide, and it covers popular destinations like the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, and Alaska. Also, it covers far destinations like Asia, Antarctica, and Australia. The trip ranges from 7 to 78 days. 

Regardless of the itinerary you choose, you’ll get an ocean view, whether from your comfortable suite or while working out in the gym or getting treatment in a salon. Not to mention, all the cabins have sea views. You can also go to pools, casinos, and live music venues. With this, you can enjoy the luxury of Seabourn’s fine dining, and due to less passenger ratio, you’ll get more personalized service. 

You will be required to deposit a 25% amount within three days of booking your trip for 14 days or within seven days for trips more than 15 days. A cancellation fee may be deducted based on how long your cruise reservation is and how far in advance you have canceled. According to the Seabourn policies, younger than 21 should come with parents or guardians. 

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises offers luxury vacations on their ships with many dining options, bars, lounges, balconies, gyms, spas, etc. Several vessels also have casinos for your entertainment. Celebrity cruises also assist guests with special needs. Unlike the other cruise lines mentioned here, Celebrity ships also entertain children with many fun options. Due to this fact, children, teens and adults, people from every age group can have fun on the Celebrity Cruises. 

To celebrate your trip with your loved one, you can enjoy dance clubs, Las Vegas-style musical nights, and many more. For a little quiet time together, head to the adults-only Solarium, and cuddle up on a lounger for two.

You’ll have to deposit a certain amount within seven days of booking your reservation and the remaining amount 70 days before the departure. Cancellation charges vary according to the destination and how far in advance you want to cancel. 

Azamara Cruises

Azamara cruise line has gained a lot of appreciation for its luxurious cabins and trips to far-flung destinations. Ships like Azamara Quest, Azamara Journey,  and Azamara Pursuit sail across 80 countries to more than 260 ports. With less passenger capacity of only 700 passengers, you won’t see a crowd blocking your beautiful view. 

If you want to explore a museum or small walking tours to the destinations you visit, Azmara also offers off-shore excursions. Whether you go on a short trip of three days or a long journey, you can enjoy dance clubs, workouts at the fitness centers, and spend a romantic night at a music club. 

As for dining, you can opt for buffets or a specialty restaurant. Guests with special needs or medical conditions will have to inform the ship 60 days before the voyage. All you have to do is fill out the form on the cruise line’s website. The cancellation policy varies, and you can check it on the official website. 


Cruise holidays are known to be a luxurious, relaxing, and pleasant experience. With so many options in the cruising world, you can choose any cruise line based on your preferences. Every cruise line has a different booking and cancellation policy, and some also don’t allow children on the sail. That’s why you should read all the terms and conditions before reserving your trip.