Top Celebrity Vacation Spots


From luxurious cars to exotic holiday destinations, this life seems unattainable. You may be a regular 9 to 5 office-going person or may own a business. Going on a vacation does not mean you need to belong to the television or be a famous personality because everyone deserves some good time with friends and family.

There are numerous exotic locations that celebrities choose for gateways, making them famous. You, too, can visit these places at an affordable rate. Maybe you will not opt for the luxurious life there, but at least see these places.

So here is a list of the top six holiday destinations you can opt for your next holiday trip with friends or family.

Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como is known for its exclusive serenity. Hollywood superstars such as George Clooney and Arkady Novikov own some of the great bungalows situated there. With a beautiful lake and cabins on its shore, Lake Como is a beautiful art of nature bound with solace and peace.

It does not encourage mass tourism, so if you want to experience moments with your friends or family, this is the go-to place, at least once in a lifetime. You can visit Lake Como in March or November when the weather is dry or during July to August, the peak tourist season.

Costa Rica, Central America

Hollywood superstars such as Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Danny DeVito, Steven Segal, and Billy Crystal own huge luxurious properties. Famous singers such as Enrique Iglesias and Madonna also own grand houses in this exotic holiday destination.

It features natural beauty, outdoor activities, and friendly locals. So you have got two options wherein you can select the best time to visit Costa Rica- from December to May, which is a dry season and the tourism is at its peak but expensive, and the rest of the months for affordable charges.

Orlando, Florida

Orlando is famous for its Disney world, and you have famous actresses such as Drew Barrymore and supermodel Heidi Klum visit this destination frequently. One can choose budget-friendly accommodation, visit its famous parks and drive through this spectacular city. Look out for resorts that provide pocket-friendly stays and have modern facilities such as swimming pools and transportation to the Walt Disney World and Universal Studios.

The best time to visit Orlando is when the weather is nice and pleasant, particularly from March to May, because the prices during these months are affordable too.

New York City, New York

You may have watched this sparkling city full of life, energy, and passion. It is one of the most loved locations for any given Hollywood movie. As amusing as it sounds, New York is home to Hollywood personalities, TV actors, and athletes. 

Suppose you are looking into spotting celebrities while on your vacation. New York is the place for you. People like Christina Aguilera, Katy Perry, Sharon Stone, Eva Mendes are frequently in this luxurious city of dreams. If you think this place is out of your league, you need to think twice because overnight stays can be affordable. The best time to visit New York is during winters in November and December. But if you want to enjoy the spring, you can visit from April to June months.

Paris, France

Hollywood love birds Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner were vacationing in this city of love as soon as they got hitched to each other. If you wish to have a good time with your partner, you should visit this romantic city of France-Paris. 

Though a stay in Paris is pricey, you can avail yourself of the restaurants and hotels not entirely designed for the tourists to save on your pocket. The best time to visit Paris is from June to October because the weather is warm.

Paradise Island, Bahamas

Stars like Jimmy Fallon, Drake, DJ Khaled, Katie Holmes have frequently vacationed here. Every resort holds special packages from amenities to multiple swimming pools, various restaurants, and a free shuttle to various places. Once there, do not forget to take evening walks with the soft, salty breeze hitting you, making you feel relaxed and refreshed. You can also opt for villas, but their charges are comparatively high compared to the 4-star hotels. Also, the best time to visit the Bahamas is Mid-December to April.

The Bottom Line!

These were some of the top A-list celebrity vacation destinations that have procured much attention in the last few years. Be it the beaches or lakes, and serenity has been at its peak due to the natural bounties these exotic vacations have to offer. So you may plan to experience the sun, sand, and sea in the Bahamas or walk through the romantic roads of Paris. One thing that stays common is the excitement you hold to unravel while vacationing with your loved ones.