Tips For Booking Flights To Europe This Summer


Summer is approaching, the number of vaccinated individuals is increasing, and the mask mandate has been dropped, making room to spend your vacation in Europe. The pandemic has trapped us in the closed walls of our room, and if you are vaccinated and safe, it’s time to get everything that the pandemic has taken away from you. Traveling to Europe in summer is an ideal choice to witness mild temperature, glacial melts, and visiting gothic architecture, and many more. Now that you made your mind for a trip to Europe, you need to know that you can save hundreds of dollars in flight bookings with these hacks.

Book In Incognito Mode Or A VPN


When you keep visiting a flight booking website, the flight rates of that particular date increase because the website you are surfing in downloads cookies that flag you as a prospective buyer. The number of times you visit the booking sites shows your interest in buying the ticket on the given date, increasing demand. Using incognito mode avoids these problems, and it is possible to purchase tickets at the actual price. This will help you save hundreds of dollars. Another option is using a VPN, and choosing a European region will allow you to get discounted rates. Sometimes European airlines favor bookings in their local language or the regional area. 

Choose An Unpopular Destination


Popular European cities like London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt tend to have higher than market value ticket prices in peak travel months. You can easily mitigate this by choosing unpopular destinations and taking a connecting flight to the local airline. This will allow you to save a lot of money. For instance, if you are traveling to London, choose the less popular destination of Edinburg.

After landing in Edinburgh, you can travel to London via train or flight as it is cheaper in the local region. Another example is that if you wish to fly to Paris, instead of choosing Charles de Gaulle airport, choose Orly airport (least popular). This will allow you to save hundreds of dollars in the process and enable you to enjoy your vacation comfortably.

Book In Advance


Suppose you are traveling in July and book flights a week before your trip. In that case, the chances of landing up with an expensive ticket are quite high, i.e., airlines will sell the regular economy tickets at the price of a premium economy or business class. If you book four or three months before your travel date, you can get tickets relatively cheaper.

Therefore, planning on a fixed date to travel 150 days in advance will allow you to save money and tickets in the airlines you prefer. Vacations are not a time to compromise as you deserve every bit of it to relax each cell of your body. Choose your preferred airline at a reasonable rate by booking in the prime window. 

Weekends Are Expensive


The weekend is a perfect day to travel, considering every American has free time during the weekends. Airlines recognizing this tend to increase the usual ticket price by about 75-100 USD. Therefore, traveling on a weekday like a Tuesday or Wednesday will fetch you air tickets at a considerably lower price. You can find out more about this by having a look at the fare calendar. Gaze through it and find dates where you can get the cheapest flights. 

Connecting Flights Can Be Cheaper


Sometimes non-stop flights can be relatively more expensive than connecting flights. This is because connecting flights cuts down the travel distance. This allows economical use of fuel as somewhat smaller aircraft like Boeing 737-100 is used instead of Boeing 737-200. Therefore, on some occasions, airlines offer cheaper rates for connecting flights when flexible and feasible. 

Avoid Bookings During Peak Travel Time


Peak travel times increase the air ticket due to the increased demand for famous destinations. It is basic economics 101, and airlines have smartly adapted it. You can be extra smart and avoid this peak travel month altogether and yet reach your destination at a lower price. Statistics have suggested that people usually travel in the early and mid-summer. Late summer is not much in demand, which makes airlines lower the ticket rate. Thus, the ideal time to travel to your favorite European destination is late summer. An advantage of this tactic is that you can travel during your vacation and yet save money.  

Make Use Of Credit Cards


Booking tickets with credit cards allow you to score miles to reduce ticket prices in the future. Another advantage is that you can get free lounge access despite booking economy class tickets. American airlines give good offers when you opt for Citi, AAdvantage, Platinum Select, and World Elite Mastercard. There are various credit card offers that you can benefit from through researching on your own.


Now that you are a pro in booking air tickets to Europe at a discounted price, it is time to put it into action. Clever timing, location choice, and credit usage can make your vacation cheaper, allowing for more of your budget to go to fun activities or exotic meals. Hurry up as summer is approaching soon.