The 7 Best European River Cruises To Date

Cruising on the high seas is all the rage. You can travel the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Pacific or Atlantic, the choices are numerous. However have you ever traveled on an European river cruise? If you haven’t then you need to try one, they are just as awesome but the experience is very different. Unlike the high seas there is quite a lot to see as you enjoy the luxuries of a river cruise, here are the 7 best in Europe.

The MS Amacello travels Arles, France to Lyon, France. The 8 day cruise stops at Avignon, Viviers, Tournon and Vienne before reaching its final destination. During your trip you will be able to visit a host of historical sites and taking the French culture past and present.

MS Camargue is another French cruise ship that travels along the exotic rivers of France over 8 days. Unlike Amacello it travels from Lyon and returns to its port where you embarked. It touches Mâcon, Vienne, Arles,The Camargue, Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, Aiignon, Viviers and Tournon.

MS Vivaldi takes you on a 7 day cruise that travels the Danube. The cruise starts in Linz, Austria and returns to that same port. You will visit Vienna, Austria, Budapest, Hungary, Bratislava, Slovakia and Dürnstein and Melk in Austria. See the very famous Danube that is World Famous and enjoy great scenery along the riverside. You can also travel on the MS Modigliani at a cheaper price, but same itinerary.

MS Renoir is a fascinating cruise ship that will take you from Paris and back. This 6 day cruise will travel to Les Andelys, Honfleur, Duclair and Rouen. Enjoy marvelous views of the riverside and visit exciting destinations.

MS Lafayette travels through the Northern part of Europe. This 6 day cruise embarks from Strasbourg, France and returns there. Travel to Rudesheim, Koblenz, Mainz and Mannheim. Enjoy a combination of French and German lifestyle along the way.

MS Botticelli offers one of the most picturesque cruises in Europe. This 6 day cruise travels the Seine Valley as it goes to and from Paris. It stops at Les Andelys, Honfleur, Duclair and Rouen. Enjoy beautiful beaches and exemplary landscapes.

MS Camargue joins the list with another spot , but this time it is a 5 day cruise that returns to its destination. Embark and disembark from Lyon. See Arles, The Camargue, Avignon, Viviers, The Ardèche Gorges and Tain L’hermitage (the Vercors). With lots to do, you won’t have time for anything else but fun.