Important Tips For Packing A Suitcase!


Packing things is a disastrous hurdle that most people have failed to master. People often end up on sides of the spectrum-i.e., too many bags or too many forgotten things!

While only experience can straighten things out, understanding a few tips might ease the whole process’s burden. So here is a compiled list of essential information that you must bear in mind while packing your things!

Know About The Place You Are Going

The place you are traveling to will have its own needs and must-haves. For example, a business trip demands formals; on the other hand, a fun trip to the beach will require you to pack your bathing suits. This helps you prepare beforehand and avoid the regret of not packing sooner.

Make A Detailed List

Following your research, compile a detailed list of all things that you must pack. From the socks to the electronics, from undergarments to the cosmetics. A detailed list helps you understand at a single glance all the things you require and the unnecessary things you can cross off your list.

The Baggage Policy (If On An Airplane) Or Other Restrictions On Luggage

Many airlines have different policies regarding the dimensions, weight limit, and additional baggage charges. Hence, depending on your trip’s duration, you can fix the size and, therefore, the things you can pack. 

Properly Fold Your Clothes

There are multiple ways that people find folding clothes best for packing. Be it the army rolling or the traditional packing or the vertical way! The truth is depending on your ease and your travel, you can opt for any of the above. 

However, if you are looking for a way to live off your luggage, then a vertical folding way would be the best as it will allow you to have a glimpse of the entire wardrobe without taking them out. 

Pouches To Remain Organized

Pack all the loose items of a similar category together. Put all your cosmetics in a bag, electrical gadgets in another, and so on until you feel organized. This will help you spot them quickly, and the pouches will keep them in a single place. Make use of packing cubes or compression bags for the same.

Pack Mini Version Of Your Beauty Products

Instead of carrying the big bottles, transfer the contents to smaller travel-size bottles or, even better, buy the mini version of the products. This will save space in your suitcase and lighten it. 

Make Space For Shoes

Wear the bulky pair of shoes on the airplane instead of packing them. Always carry only the footwear you need. Wrap them up tightly in a plastic bag so that it doesn’t spoil things.

Carry Extra Plastic Bags And Tote Bags

Always carry additional bags. It can be to pack unwashed/dirty laundry and zip locks things that are leaking, or even in case of emergency for puking. Therefore keep them at a place where you can take them at any specific time.

All Necessary Things Into The Carry-On Bag

Like your phone, charger, laptop, and wallet, the handiest things must go into your carry bag so that there is no risk of misplacing them. You can also put something you need the most, like an eyepatch or a book or even a water bottle, in the carry bag for the ease of getting them.

An Additional Set Of Changing Clothes

While packing, always keep an additional set of clothing in your carry bag in case of emergencies. Thus, in unavoidable circumstances (like losing the luggage, someone puke at you), you have an option to change.

Name Tag 

Always put the nametags on all your luggage (checked bags and even carry-on bags) to avoid the unpleasant situation of misplacing them.

Recheck Your List

The charger is one thing that people often forget. Though you can buy or borrow, sometimes it may not be possible, making you stranded with a phone without a battery.

Before leaving, recheck whether you have packed all the items and ensure that all are safely in the bag.

Go Cashless

If you are traveling in the same country, going cashless will save many hassles of fiddling with the change and currencies. If traveling abroad, make sure that cashless travel is not at a nascent stage there. However, it is advisable to keep little cash in case of emergencies.

Don’t Keep All Your Money In A Single Place

If you can’t afford it or don’t want to go cashless, then try scattering your money in the luggage instead of hoarding them at the same place. This will minimize your loss in case of things getting stolen and will have some emergency savings.

Pack Generic Medicines (And The Specific Ones If Needed)

Pack generic medicines for cough, fever, vomiting, and any other medical issue you have or can suffer due to traveling or weather changes.


The traveling checklist goes up if you are traveling with babies or the elderly or in times of pandemic! But these simple tips will keep your worries at bay. So, if you are going on a solo trip, don’t forget a mask and sanitizer as well.