Find The Top Rated Asia Cruises

There is so much to explore in Pacific Asia! Cruising through the waters around Asia offers so much for the senses to see! Discover different cultures. Eat exotic food. Meet amazing people and feel free from all stress! Click here to see which cruise lines offer the best options.

Celebrity cruises offers several places with in Asia to leave from. Depart from Hong Kong stopping along the way until you reach Singapore. Or try leaving from Tokyo, hitting Shanghai along the way to Hong Kong! So many options depending on what you want to see!

Holland America Line offers many cruises through out East Asia. It’s one of the few cruise lines that offers stops in Korea! Visit the birth place of your favorite K-Pop stars along the way to Japan or China!

Oceana Cruises delivers a variety of cruises around Asia. Check out their amazing port of calls on their 18 day cruises. They stop at a number of places between Shanghai and Tokyo including Taiwan!

If you’re looking for ultra-luxury, check out Seabourn Cruises! Based mostly out of Australia, they offer a variety of longer cruises around South East Asia. The longer cruises stop in Hong Kong! They’re your choice for extended cruises!