Destinations That Lifted Travel Restrictions


To say that everything has been chaotic ever since the first coronavirus case came to light on November 17th, 2019, will be an understatement. Several imposed restrictions and their impact on the travel industry were apparent evidence of how difficult the situation has been. 

But things are getting better as more than 500 covid vaccines roll out worldwide, with countries like the united states running 2.5 million shots per day and the united kingdom crossing the milestone of 30 million people who’ve got their first dose of covid vaccine. 

However, witnessing the recurrent outbreaks, covid waves, the newer variants of the virus, and the vaccine that is apparently 95% effective with several uncertainties, leaders worldwide are left with a stumbling decision on whether or not to ease the covid-19 restrictions on gatherings and travel. 

While some countries have already paused the decision to reopen, many are only allowing those vaccinated into the country. Check the list of countries below, the decision on easing international travel, and their guidelines for travelers.


Australia has imposed strict border measures to avoid the virus’s spread, with a limited number of flights to and from Australia being available. A negative PCR test result taken within 72 hours before the scheduled departure is a must for the transiting or traveling to Australia, unless on a quarantine-free flight from New Zealand, which also saves you from a 14-day quarantine designated facility, a must for everyone else.

Mask mandates on airports and flights, among several other restrictions, are taken rather strictly. A person is not allowed to enter Australia at the moment unless from an exempt category or granted an individual exemption to the current travel restraints. The exempt categories and other updates are readily available on the Australian government’s official website.


Austria is currently under lockdown, making tourism or leisure travel impossible. A pre-travel clearance, a negative covid test, and a facility quarantine are a must for all the other travelers.

A landing ban on flights from Brazil and South Africa is also currently in effect, aside from a series of in-country restrictions. You can refer to the official travel portal of Austria for more precise and updated information on bans.

The Bahamas 

Though the Bahamas has been open to commercial tourism since July 1st, 2020, there have been frequent changes in the traveling restrictions and requirements. A negative PCR test within no more than five days before the travel, a travel health visa, covid travel insurance are all a must apart from the general covid follow-ups such as mask mandates and social distancing.

However, there is no mandatory quarantine upon arrival.


Becoming the first Caribbean nation to allow vaccinated individuals to travel, Belize no longer requires you to present a negative PCR test if one could prove they’ve had at least two doses of vaccine at least two weeks before traveling.

As for the non-vaccinated individuals, a negative PCR test within four days of arrival or a quick antigen test within 48 hours of travel can get you in the country. One can also get tested at the airport at arrival for $50 if they cannot present a negative test result.

Ensure you fill in all the relevant information on the Belize health app within 72 hours of traveling.


For anyone arriving in the country, showing a negative PCR test is a must (taken within 72 hours before departure). However, the government is only allowing permanent residents, essential travelers, and citizens to enter. 

The US and Canada’s land borders remain closed until further notice, but the current schedule suggests it may open by June 21st.

Apart from the negative PCR test, a second covid test at arrival, a three-night stay at a hotel as results come out, and a 14-day mandatory quarantine for all is in effect at the moment.

Ecuador and the Galapagos

A fully vaccinated person can visit Ecuador, given they present a negative PCR test result taken within three days before arrival. These individuals will also be allowed to visit the Galapagos, a part of Ecuador, with just slightly more complicated rules.

Children under two are exempted from the restrictions. 

Local governments have imposed other restrictions as per the areas you wish to visit with a strict practice of rules such as wearing masks in public places, social distancing, a restricted gathering of more than 10 -15 people, etc.


Apart from travelers from six EU, everyone is allowed to enter the country, given they book a stay for at least six nights and go under quarantine if they are coming from a city with more than 750,000 people. However, individuals from Sweden are still not granted entry. The official website may be referred for more in-details and imposed restrictions.


Georgia is open to travelers again without requirements of negative PCR test results at arrival for those fully vaccinated(taken two doses of vaccine).

Those who are not vaccinated must present a negative PCR test result on arrival and take another covid test on the third day of arrival at their own expense. Furthermore, individuals who traveled to the united kingdom within 14 days of their visit will be placed in quarantine for 12 days upon entry.


Travelers from the EU are allowed in the country, given they go under a mandatory ten days quarantine and present a valid vaccination certificate upon arrival.

All the non-vaccinated individuals must present a negative SARS covid 19 test within 48 hours of receiving the test result and arriving in the country.

Some other countries allowing vaccinated individuals include – Romania, The Seychelles, Guatemala, Iceland, Cyprus, Estonia, etc.


The information is highly prone to changes given the spike in covid cases around the globe once again. Many countries that lifted restrictions are flipping their decision and disallowing traveling or social gatherings to safeguard public health. Therefore, it is imperative to notice continuous updates on the official website of the place you’re visiting, the quarantine requirements, and other critical information.

The covid-19  pandemic is far from gone, and it is best to postpone traveling unless extremely necessary. Happy Scrolling!