8 Most Insane Cruise Destinations


In today’s era, people generally amuse themselves in one way or the other. Some people engage themselves by spending time on social media sites, while some spend their quality time with friends and family by partying out on weekends. Undoubtedly, traveling is coming forward as a new interest for people. Whenever working people wish to break from their boredom and a busy schedule, they are likely to go out with their family, cousins, or friends and explore the world and its adventures in their unique way.

How To Travel?

Some people prefer going to nearby places with their vehicles to amuse themselves, while some prefer going abroad by airplane. An upper-middle-class family is likely to go overseas by plane. But, a wealthy family would like to have something luxurious. 

Traveling from one country to the other by cruise can be an excellent option for such families, who believe in living life in the most comprehensive and best possible manner. Traveling through the cruise itself provides a sense of luxury. But, it doesn’t matter that one would get satisfied with traveling in a small ship. Instead, he/she would like to get value for money by traveling on larger ships.

People love to travel on a cruise. They hire good cruise ships with outstanding accommodation and other facilities. They not only make themselves comfortable but also content. They admire every moment, let it be boarding the ship or allure of the seas. They find beauty in each and everything. 

Where To Travel?

People are fond of discounts. So, those who love to benefit from discounted prices are fond of traveling in those months when they expect to get a good discount or deal by the cruise lines. If you want to go on a cruise to the Royal Caribbean, you must make your way out in the months of winter and spring and after that, hurricane months arrive, so traveling after the months of winter and spring is good for nothing.

Choosing a great destination to travel by cruise becomes a burdensome task for travelers. They often travel to amuse themselves and seek one or the other extravagances by traveling on a cruise, and they admire the food being served to them and enjoy every moment. 

People look for various factors while traveling from one country to the other in their desirable cruise destinations. These factors include safety, hygiene, beauty, technological advancement, etc. The fulfillment of all these factors is likely to provide good vibes, comfort, and satisfaction to the tourists. Not only this, many times, people get more out of this and attain contentment. Here is the list of some countries or insane cruise destinations where tourists love to spend quality time with their families and friends.


If you want to watch out for one of the most extensive soccer grounds, then you must have a tour of this beautiful city situated in Spain. Not only this, one of the best soccer players in the world, Lionel Messi, resides here. If you have a tour to Barcelona and don’t taste Paella, Barcelona’s exotic dish, then you would be making a big mistake!

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the capital city of one of the fastest-growing countries in the world. Abu Dhabi is famous for its night scenes. People from different parts of the world visit Abu Dhabi to enjoy the absorbing beauty of the Burj Khalifa, one of the world’s highest buildings, and at night time, its beauty grows million fold.


Are you fond of having chocolates? If yes, then without wasting your precious time, pack your luggage to Switzerland. Here, you would get the opportunity to have edible chocolate gold. It would undoubtedly cost a lot of money, but, indeed, you would get the feel of the luxury of having an edible gold bar melt in your mouth. It is one of the best holiday destinations for tourists as one can enjoy the beautiful and exotic beaches.


France is a place situated in Europe, where everyone desires to spend time with their families and friends. Not only this, France is famous as one of the best and beautiful monuments, the exotic “Eiffel Tower” and its delicious wines and cuisine. It is a place where you would find beautiful museums like Jean d’ Arc and Musée De Louvre. It is the only place globally where a wine brand and a city share the same name.


Mexico is a city not so far from the US. It lies in North America and is one of the safest countries for tourists. Do you have a desire to roam on beautiful beaches, hand in hand with your someone special? If yes, then the exotic beaches of Mexico are waiting anxiously for you.

Turks And Caicos

It is a British Overseas Territory situated in the southeast of the Bahamas. If you love to live life to the fullest, then T&C is the best place to visit. Here, you would find the most beautiful beach in the world, Grace Bay. If you have to have dinner in some specialty restaurants, you would have to spend a lot of money. That is why it is advisable for the affluent communities to even think about having a tour in such an expensive place.


Let it be the biggest cricket stadium globally (in terms of the boundary) or the high-hoping national animal, kangaroo; Australia never disappoints you. It is one of the places which are not only a country but also a continent. It is the country to win the most number of ICC World Cups in cricket, making it a dream destination for tourists to watch out for.

New York City

New York City, situated in London, is the home to the Empire State Building and the world-famous Statue Of Liberty. Apart from this, NYC is the best holiday destination for the ones who have great fashion sense. It is the most linguistically diverse city in the world as more than 800 languages are spoken here. It is the best place to have a look at many of the finest museums in the world.


Travel and tourism are some of the most essential and practical tools one can apply to amuse himself/herself. Undoubtedly, voyaging with family and friends on a cruise to a beautiful holiday destination is what we all aspire for. But, how to travel, when to travel, and where to travel are the fundamental questions that arise in tourists’ minds every time. Probably, the months of winter and spring are the best times to travel on a cruise. No doubt, to live life to the fullest, people spend a lot of money and effort on tourism, making them feel luxurious and contended.