7 Underrated Travel Destinations

The feeling of exploring an underrated and less touristy place is very thrilling. These cities or countries might not have many visitors every year, but that’s what makes them more attractive. The underrated places deserve credit for immaculate beauty, including clean lakes, hidden beaches, and fresh air.

However, there are places where you can have intense fun and go without breaking your bank because of fewer tourists; these places have an appealing ambiance. 

Here are the seven most exciting, underrated places that you should visit in 2021.

Guam, Pacific

Guam is in the Micronesian part of the Pacific. The Guam region maps all Japanese adventurers. The Island is technically American territory, but it still retains its Japanese culture. It is among the most attractive spots for a relaxing trip in the traditional Japanese way.

The commercially prosperous island groups have a live party culture. You can also plan to visit Biba Magic Park or Waterworlds, two of its unique jewels.

Lagos, Nigeria

Nigerian trips comprise kayaking, long ranges of trekking options, and safari expeditions. However, Lagos town stands out from a standard African vacay option as of its refreshing ambiance and fun-loving beach parties.

It is painted blue because of its oceanfront and lofty white beaches. Plus, Lagos has avenues and quarters, which makes it a must-visit pick. Some of its attractive vacation spots include Tarkwa Bay Beach, Elegushi Beach, Terra Kulture, Bogobiri House, etc.

Visit places like Freedom Park, Ikeja City Mall, National Art Theatre, Third Mainland Bridge, or New Afrikan Shrine for experiencing rich African culture.


Popular countries surround Slovenia like Austria, Italy, Croatia, and Hungary may seem complicated, but it’s the opposite for Slovenia. In Slovenia, you’ll find hundreds of miles of beautiful nature and historical architecture. People looking to spend time in nature will love hiking or biking in Logar Valley, known for its green scenery and rolling hills. 

You’ll find dozens of small seaside towns spattered throughout the coastline since Slovenia shares a border with the Adriatic Sea. Izola, known for plenty of restaurants and their delicious seafood; and historical Piran, with its interesting Venetian architecture and resorts.

Romania, Europe

Romania is one European destination that is ideal for travelers on a budget. It is home to numerous historic palaces and castles that will feel picture perfect. Travelers can see the beauty and majesty this country has to offer without going over budget. There are also tons of mountainous views and scenic hikes to check out. Spark your childlike curiosity and wonder with the scenic majesty of historic castles and palaces with this getaway.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta in Mexico is famous for its outdoor activities, most of which occur in the sea. Their accommodations are fabulous; if you want amazing pictures, then trek or drive to Vallarta Botanicals, famous for their unbelievable beauty. You can also go deep-sea diving and whale watching at Bahía de Banderas. 

Marfa, Texas

Marfa is remarkably strange and charming and an unexpected art mecca destination. From the famous Teepee park and El Cosmico Airstream to the famed Prada Marfa art installation, the world-renowned art galleries, this town is well worth visiting. Marfa has many five-star hotels and restaurants despite being small, curated fashion boutiques and specialty coffee shops. Visit the nearby observatory to see the night sky through world-class telescopes and eat incredible Mexican food at the place.


Chile is a small country located on the western edge of South America. Known for deserts, snow-white glaciers, thrilling volcanoes, wines, Villarrica Volcano, and Torres del Paine National Park, this country has much more to offer. You’ll find several ski resorts, while trekking through Patagonia is another thrilling attraction. Also, this country is known for some of the world’s best wines, so don’t forget to take a winery tour.

Final Words

Even though pandemic restricts us with the traveling choices, do your research like the temperature, clothes, rules & regulations, etc. So, plan your next trip to one of the above most underrated and stunning destinations