5 Things Not To Do When Cruising Especially As A First Timer

If you have never cruised before this information could be very helpful. If you have cruised already this could serve as a great reminder. Traveling on a cruise ship could present some challenges especially if you have never traveled before. Your experience could be even greater if you knew what to expect and had a heads up before hand. Here are 5 important don’t s.

Don’t be in a rush to head to the buffet. It would mean that you have to encounter very long lines which in effect is a long waiting period. Other spots on the ship may be less hectic and offer you something to munch on until you can get to the buffet.

Avoid taking the elevator especially when the ship is now loading. It is during this time that elevators are full, with both persons and luggage. You are better off taking the stairs if you can and it may help after having a hearty meal.

You don’t have to settle for a seating that you don’t like when having dinner. You can ask those in charge for seating somewhere else. It makes no sense sitting somewhere you would rather not. The purpose of the trip is to have a good time not wallow in despair.

Check your room out in totality to be sure everything works. Don’t assume they do, then to realize something isn’t in working order. You don’t want your hard earned money wasted and your experience spoiled.

Never skip the muster drill as its vital to your survival. Even if you have been cruising for a while, it is mandatory to take in the muster drill. On a plane you watch instructions on a ship you do the instructions.